Property Portfolio “SchlossGut Schoenhagen”

We would like to present “SchlossGut Schoenhagen”, an estate conveniently near Berlin. The landed property comprises farm land, forests and woodland as well as building plots and development areas on a total area of approx. 500 hectares (5,000,000 m² or 1.235.000 acr). The real estate is situated approx. 30 minutes by car south-west of Berlin in the municipality of Schönhagen with an Airport which meanwhile has become the most significant regional airport of Mark Brandenburg.

Main Gate Schloss Schoenhagen Pavillon

The manor house “Schloss Schoenhagen” with the forester´s lodge “Forsthaus” forms the center of the real estate on park-like designed grounds of approx. 10 hectares (100,000 m² or 25.000 acr) with an old stock of trees as well as the country estate “Gutshof Schönhagen” which is directly located in the community center. A number of developable plots in the heart of the municipality of Schoenhagen complete the offer.

The special constellation of location and estate opens up a wide range of possibilities for use:

  • A luxurious sanatorium/rehabilitation concept with diversified special areas such as internal medicine, preventive medicine, psychosomatic medicine, holistic medicine, aesthetic and plastic medicine as well as orthopedics and sports medicine
  • The manor house as hotel with an extensive offer of wellness facilities and sport activities as well as a sophisticated conference and training center
  • Expansion as private stud farm or equestrian center where extended excursions over vast areas in essentially untouched nature are possible

The manor grounds offer space for a holistic sanatorium and rehabilitation project that also contains a residential concept for senior citizens. Any applications for such construction measures are generally approvable in accordance with the community directive (Building Committee of Trebbin). Depending on the requirements of the respective concept, it has been signalized that building permits can be granted for planning variations with a floor area of up to 40,000 m² (10.000 acr).

Main Entry View from the Balkony Upper floor room

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